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Sunday Sips, featuring Ryan Fieldhouse, cheap Gator Bowl tickets, and GATOR TRAITORS

The Northwestern Wildcats' new practice facility has a name, and you could buy tickets to the Gator Bowl against Mississippi State for slightly more than zero cents.

Jonathan Daniel

Weird: there's exponentially more articles about Northwestern sports with Northwestern's bowl game approaching.

We get it, Pat Ryan: The news out of Evanston/Jacksonville is that Northwestern is ahead of time with its fundraising for the new on-campus practice facility, thanks to big donations by - who else? - Pat Ryan and others. It will be called the Ryan Fieldhouse, which goes along nicely with Ryan Field, Welsh-Ryan Arena, and all the other buildings/auditoriums on campus named after Pat Ryan. DOG, CHILL OUT. WE KNOW THAT YOU'RE SUPER RICH AND LIKE YOUR LAST NAME AND NORTHWESTERN SPORTS. After the first seven buildings named after me, I'd start giving them absurd amounts of money to name buildings after random things, just to test whether Northwestern would turn down $80 mill because they don't want a football practice facility called the "Poopyland Poopdome".

CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA (etc.) : In case you haven't figured it out, @BMarcello of the Clarion-Ledger is the best person to follow for Mississippi State stuff. He wrote up Mississippi State's ticket sales - 10,500 cowbells! - and pointed out that tickets are going for as little as five cents, in case you love Northwestern football but dimes aren't easy to come by, although you could also sponsor a child on one of those late night commercials for that much per day so don't buy those tickets you selfish jerk. While we're at it, I guested over at For Whom The Cowbell Tolls.

Bowl season treason: Former Northwestern staffer Neal Stopczynski worked at NU until this past year, but is now an assistant recruiting coordinator for the Bulldogs. His duties presumably include helping log recruiting tape, making sure coaches are compliant with NCAA regulations, keeping up on commits academics, and BEING A DIRTY SCHEMING TRAITOR. Also on staff for MSU is Tim Brewster, who presumably helps the Bulldogs stay incompetent.

#FreePrater: Teddy Greenstein profiled the most popular player on Sippin' on Purple, who's positive after this year.

Thank Godwin: NU recruit Godwin Igwebuike has been bumped up to four stars. Woo recruiting!

Elsewhere: Rittenblog continued its quality work with keys to the bowl game, which I didn't hype up because they're too similar to my keys WHICH I CAME UP WITH FIRST, and a preview to the game. Hey, a Tim Riley feature that doesn't mention the fact he's leaving the team after this year... Neil Hayes of the Sun-Times wrote stories on Pat Fitzgerald, Jeff Budzien, and picked out players to watch...