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Northwestern vs. Baylor Game Thread

Northwestern takes on Baylor down in Waco on ESPN2, so come watch with us and hopefully Northwestern won't lose their third game in a row.


Look at me now. Look at me now. Look at me now. I'm playing Bay-lorrrrrrr

Northwestern plays its first real road game of the year as they're in Waco to take on the Baylor bears, and that's probably not good! Baylor is good, Northwestern just lost to Maryland (by a loooooottt) and UIC, so, uh, yeah. That said, you're ridiculous if you've given up on this team because of that. There's still a lot of basketball to be played, including, um, the entire Big Ten schedule, and, like, this game against a Baylor team that's okay. You've been through a lot more as a Northwestern Wildcats fan. My point is, you should be in the game thread with me.

Game's on ESPN2, so stick around here to chat about basketball, post references to the Kappa Rap 2 (or its worse predecessor, the Kappa Rap 1) or do whatever the hell else you feel like doing.

Vamos Gatos and whatnot.