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Friday Sips, featuring Chelsea Dagger, Pat Fitzgerald's longevity

Some links for a Friday, including dumb dance moves and Nick VanHoose getting some freshman honors.


It's Friday!

HAWKS SCOR-wait, sorry for that hockey fans: One of the best things I've seen in the last few internets is this video of Rashad Lawrence, Christian Jones, Treyvon Green, and Davion Fleming doing a highly coordinated dance to Chelsea Dagger:

The whole thing is pretty great, including various stints of fighting, Christian Jones' Russian babushka dancing, pretending to be a plane, and Treyvon Green busting out some variant on Lil B's cooking dance. Also noteworthy is Kyle Prater's complete indifference and the fact that the rest of the team is just practicing like nothing's going on.

COME TO PEHNNN SHTAAAATE: Chris Vannini takes us back to a simpler time, when the Big Ten had 11 coaches, and now there's 12 but we only recognize two. Remember this ad?

Just three of those guys are left. That's a cool thing for Northwestern. Particular LOL point: Ron Zook asking if you like roses. In other news, Pat Fitzgerald's "I thought you told me you wanted to be the best" sounds in retrospect like he's just been told that the kid isn't coming to Northwestern. In other other news, I literally have no idea who that Indiana coach is.

FRESHMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN: Nick VanHoose, Fox Freshman All-American. Northwestern has a habit for having those at cornerback. VanHoose deserves it and hopefully keeps it up for four years.

Just when I thought I was out...: Presented without comment: