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Butler vs. Northwestern Game Thread

Northwestern plays Butler, giving them an opportunity to notch another solid non-conference win. Come talk about it y'all!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern! Butler! It's a basketball game!

The Wildcats take on the Bulldogs, so we can find out if the win against Baylor was an actual sign of life or we should be horrendously depressed as we always are. Kenpom called that win the third-biggest upset of the past week, which menas we're bad I guess? You probably should be at the game if you're in Evanston or something like that. But if you're not and are spending the early part of your Saturday night at home with your television or computer, come talk to us! We'll be here, talking about basketball, specifically Northwestern basketball.

The games at 7 p.m. on the Big Ten Network, although I don't get BTN in my new apartment, so I'll have to find a stream somewhere or something. That said, don't link to illegal streams, guys! That'll get me kicked off the internet.

Go Cats and stuff.