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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of Mississippi State's bowl practice MUST CREDIT SoP

Sippin' on Purple snuck into Mississippi State's practices to see how they're prepping for the Gator Bowl against Northwestern, and it was ADORABLE.

I think this video clearly shows how young and inexperienced Mississippi State is. They struggle with basic fundamentals and their offense has trouble getting off the ground. Dan Mullen is really going to need to give this team a push if they want to get on their feet and compete against Northwestern.

I wish Mississippi State would change their mascot to Adorable Puppy Who Can't Get Off His Back, but for now, we're stuck with Bully, who is a real live bulldog, and is kinda cool although word, Adidas, branded dog jersey apparel? Bully is definitely worlds better than Reveille, but head to head I think UGA is the better bulldog. If I ran college sports, lots of stuff would change but pretty much the first thing would be all schools would have to have a dog mascot in addition to their regular mascot, because I'm an idiot.

In other news, the comments are your place to post videos and pictures of bulldog puppies and discuss whether English or French Bulldog puppies are the best. The correct answer is both.