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Northwestern Wildcats at Purdue Boilermakers Game Thread

Sup fellas and ladies! Northwestern's bout to play Purdue! Let's all get together and talk about it!

There are some awesome omens in the house: first off, Northwestern is wearing black, a uniform choice that has NU 2-0. Second off, Gus Johnson is announcing. The last time these two things were combined, Northwestern knocked off No. 7 Michigan State. I feel like for all of the Gus Johnson Big Ten Networking, very rarely do we actually get to sit back and listen to him in a game thread - he's been to Welsh-Ryan a decent amount - so I look forward just to getting to listen.

A win today, in addition to being awesome, would put Northwestern in sole sixth place in the Big Ten at 6-6. That, well, um, that, um would be really really cool. So let's see Northwestern go out and do it. Other thing to think about: the John Shurna record-breaking tracker is at 75, as he has 1825 career points.

Go Cats, y'all!