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Northwestern Wildcats at Indiana Hoosiers Game Thread

Uhhh - Battles I lose none I make crews run, I get fools done, got ten fingers but only use one, I run up like Machine Gun Kelly with a black skelly put one in your belly leave you smelly than take your Pelle Pelle, I'm the neighborhood vamper punani lamper mess around with me and find my boxers in your mommy's hamper, nowadays girls want you for your money, I'm like 'I have, but got nothing but love for you honey,' and cuz I'm looking slick and my pockets are thick, I needs surgery to get chicks removed from my CHILL - I'm coming straight out the NYC, rap's my J-O-B, I'm down with digging in the crates and I'm MVP. BIG L REST IN PEACE.

Also, go Cats. Northwestern will apparently actually wear black tonight, which, you know, they said they would last time but didn't, so we're excited.