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Indiana Hoosiers 71, Northwestern Wildcats 66, Post-Game Thread

Welp. Northwestern played a pretty strong game and kept it close - leading, at times! - against Indiana on the road. But despite the gargantuan efforts of John Shurna, who put up a casual 29 while being the only offensive outlet for a struggling Northwestern unit, the Cats came up a couple of possessions short against the Hoosiers.

Bill Carmody mystified any coherent viewer by refusing to sit Davide Curletti, whose offensive impotence was at an all-time high while rarely boxing out and giving up offensive board after offensive board, and playing massive amounts of man-to-man when the 1-3-1 was the only chance for NU defensively. Northwestern allowed dozens of easy layups and dunks, and by the end of the game, was absolutely beat after running 40 minutes with essentially six guys.

It wasn't a game NU was expected to win, so I'm not disappointed. The loss doesn't hurt Northwestern's tourney chances - but they won't be able to come up short in the next few.