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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers Game Preview

Look, all, I can't provide any form of rational analysis here. I'll try, but I won't.

This game is big. This game is really big. This game is really, really, really big. Look, even Minnesotans think it's big! Northwestern is still teetering on the edge of the NCAA Tournament. Look, SB Nation's bracketologist Chris Dobbertean has Northwestern as the 69th team in a 68 team tournament. If Northwestern wins tomorrow against Minnesota, there is hope. If they don't, it starts looking really, really ugly. There's not much more to say. The John Shurna is about to break the all-time scoring record thing is nice, and we'll celebrate it win or loss, but what's important is the tourney. And I believe it can happen.

So let's go, Cats. It's now or next year, and next year might as well be never. (Also, between this and Jeremy Lin, I am absolutely losing my mind.)

Since we last met: Minnesota has had one good performance - an OT loss to Wisconsin. Other than that, they've been pretty much "we are who we thought they were", including a big old L at the hands of Iowa. I railed last time about how I didn't think this team was as good as some thought, and then they went out and took Northwestern to Pound Town. I'll chalk that up to the Barn.

Can NU win?: In reality it's a 50-50 chance, but in my head I haven't yet conceived of a scenario in which Northwestern will lose.

Do they say everything can be replaced?: Yes, they do. They also say that every distance is not near. That's why we remember every face of every man who put us here.

Have you ever heard the world's most beautiful song? I have. Every facet of it is heart-wrenching, from the lyrics to the weird blue lighting in this specific video to the unique timbres of each singer's voice to the primarily tragic personal lives of the members of the band that sang it. But what's most heart-wrenching about it is that it's about Northwestern basketball.

I see my light come shining, from the west out to the east. Any day now - any day now - I shall be released.

Let's go.