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Michigan Wolverines vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread

Well. It appears that big things are popping, while little things are stopping.

Northwestern plays arguably its biggest game ever tonight, and while I won't say "must win" because it's cliche and stupid and not very helpful, I will say, holy crap, this game is super super important. Writing these posts is making me angsty and whatnot, and I'm not even playing.

We will yell at Stu Douglass. Welsh-Ryan should be packed, and although it is small, we will make sure Stu Douglass is well aware that it can get loud.

My fingers are all shaky and stuff, and I'm not really sure why and it's making it difficult to type. I think it has something to do with not being able to contain the excitement and being several minutes away from a nervous breakdown. Hopefully you fools don't have the same problem in the comments section, y'alls!

Go Cats, etc.