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No. 13 Michigan Wolverines, 67, Northwestern Wildcats, 55, (OT) Postgame Thread of Depression.

the worst.
the worst.


How. in the HELL. do we lose two games to the same ranked team in overtime? HOW? Why does this happen? THIS IS JUST THE WORST.

Northwestern has now played about 8000 close games this season and lost all of them. Here are my questions, and I am furious about each and every one.

You get the ball witha bout 50 seconds and a full shot clock. Instead of opting to go two-for-one and take the last shot, which ANYBODY WITH ANY SORT OF BASKETBALL SENSE IN THE WORLD would have done, Northwestern held for 35 seconds and had a possession end with a JerShon Cobb three, a shot which is about as efficient as repeatedly stabbing yourself in the face. YOU DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES AGAINST A RANKED TEAM WITH ALL THE MOMENTUM. YOU WANT TO END THE GAME IN REGULATION. YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF BEATING A BETTER TEAM IN THREE POSSESSIONS (TWO OF WHICH ARE YOURS) THAN FIVE MORE MINUTES. This is inexplicable.

What happened to Drew Crawford? If he's hurt, he's hurt, but if he's not - and I don't remember him getting hurt - WTF?

When the other team is absolutely punishing you from downtown, why - AGAINST A TEAM THAT PLAYS THE 1-3-1 - are you still playing the 1-3-1? They're murdering it. They're absolutely murdering it. Watching NU play defense was basically wondering whether or not Michigan was going to hit the wide-open three or miss.

Where's John Shurna on offense? It's one thing if he's off, but it's another if you're not looking for him and he's not doing anything with the ball. HE'S YOUR BEST PLAYER. HIM DOING ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN DAVIDE CURLETTI POST-UPS.

This is just the worst, guys. The tourney isn't dead, but this is just the worst. If you need me, I'll be punching myself over and over again in my dick to numb the pain.