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Northwestern vs. Michigan Live Blog of Infinite Depression

Northwestern is 2-0 when I do these drunk live blogs, so I feel obligated to do another one tonight. This despite the fact I have to be in Framingham tomorrow morning at 8:30 for jury duty, and in case you're unfamiliar with Massachusetts geography, that's a long goddamn way from where I live in Cambridge. I do it because I love you guys.

19:45 - Jordan Morgan already picks up a foul, he's gonna have a tough time on D against this small lineup.

19:12 - Nice help by Cobb there, need his athleticism on defense.

18:32 - Sigh, Shurna. Take the pull up.

17:51 - Crawford limping. Fan fucking tastic.

16:45 - Blah. Awful possession.

16:17 - Crawford was clearly set. Terrible call.

15:37 - I guess Crawford's leg is ok. Holy God, best dunk I've seen since I started watching NU basketball.

14:55- Goddamn it Cobb. I thought you'd gotten those out of your system.

13:09 - Reggie Hearn is Northwestern's best post player. No matter how many times I write it, I still can't believe it.

Oh, Curletti's in now. Why?

12:38 - Get Curletti out of the game. Now.

11:10 - Well, if he's gonna make tough catches like that, then maybe he can stay in. Michigan really playing tough D in the half court.

9:42 - The good news is they're helping well inside, the bad news is they left a one dimensional shooter like Vogrich wide open.

And there's a dude in the student section with a NUMB TENOR customized jersey and a backwards hat. I have nothing else to say.

9:20 - No more 1-3-1 please.

8:53 - That was a flop by Novak.

8:14 - Where was the flop that time, Novak?

7:41 - Curletti confidently hits two free throws. What is going on?

6:30 - Wait, Carmody had both Crawford and Shurna on the bench at the same time? WTF. Never do that again.

5:46 - Hearn probably flopped there, but whatever.

5:17 - Can we keep Curletti in mothballs and then roll him out for home games against Michigan teams only?

3:00 - GREAT extra pass by Hearn.

1:29 - Hearn has to close out under control there, would have had that rebound.

1:06 - And Curletti is hitting jumpers, drink lots.

Halftime - NU really shooting poorly from three and still up 7. Strong first half. Anxiety growing. Drunkenness growing.

19:33 - Yeah, might want to stay in front of Hardaway.

18:20 - Tough board by Sobolewski there.

17:40 - Novak has committed at least 4 fouls in this game, they've called two.

17:06 - Shurna, how about just catching that lob instead of tipping it out to the Michigan guy in the corner?

16:59 - Knew that three was going in.

16:05 - Cobb passes up the open three for the off balance 18 footer, WTF.

15:42 - Morgan getting frustrated, how long before he picks a fight with an NU point guard 10 inches shorter than him?

15:37 - Getting stuffed by Curletti like that is humiliating.

14:00 - Great take by Sobolewski there.

12:55 - Since when is Smotrycz that good at finishing in traffic?


12:21 -Marcotullio needs to find a permanent spot on the bench.

11:40 - Hardaway has no conscience.

11:17 - Didn't know Cobb had that in his repertoire.

9:46 - Smotrycz is a lot better than he was last year, impressed with him.

9:12 - Where has this Curletti been all year?

8:42 - Matt Vogrich doing his best Devan Bawinkel impression.

8:01 - That's a good timeout, need Shurna back in.

7:58 - That didn't look like a foul, break there.

6:57 - Sobolewski, wtf was that?

6:16 - Curletti has more points than Shurna in Northwestern's most important game of the year to date, and Norhtwestern is winning.

5:24 -Michigan plays such tough defense, so impressed by them.

4:54 - For fucks sake, what the fuck are you idiots doing? Carmody has every right to be irate.

3:36 - Reggie fucking Hearn.

2:42 - Nice of you to show up this half, Shurna.

2:36 - HOLD

2:18 - Sobo what in the fuck are you doing god almighty you suck at defense.


1:36 - Hardaway. Fuck.

0:24 - Jesus Christ Shurna, you have to demand the ball there. You have to. The season cannot come down to JerShon fucking Cobb shooting.

0:04 - Smart foul. Now the heartbreaking buzzer beater is set up.

I just can't take this.

0:00 - Overtime. Again. Nice defense there.

Shurna needs to have the ball in his hands going to the basket every single possession here in overtime. Every single one.

3:42 - God fucking damnit catch the fucking ball. Oh, and call the foul on Hardaway on the other end.

3:12 - This is awful. I hate this team.

2:27 - woenfdionewfdoiewnfoiwenfe

2:05 - why the fuck not?

1:54 - This is like that Kevin O'Neill era game where NU got shut out in overtime.

1:31 - Need threes here.

1:26 - Not awful threes like that though.

1:17 - And that's gonna do it. Had their chances in regulation. Didn't get stops. Sobolewski's brain dead play going underneath the screen when Michigan was down 4 with 2 minutes left let Burke get a wide open three, who knows what the hell he was thinking.

There's also Shurna not demanding the ball on that final possession,and I don't know where Crawford's been in the second half.

Michigan deserves a lot of credit for playing great defense though and hitting big shots, they're a very good team.