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Northwestern NCAA Tournament Bracketology Update, February 22, 2012,

Every day, Sippin' on Purple will be taking an updated roundup and look at Northwestern's chances of making the NCAA Tournament. We promise not to jinx it.

Maybe we did jinx it.

Bracket Matrix: Not updated since yesterday.

RPI: 48 (down from 44)

Kenpom: 55 (down from 50)

Sagarin: 54 (down from 49)

Big Ten standings: 8th (first round opponent, Minnesota) (down from 7th)

In or out, consensus: Too close to call (Although, obviously, Northwestern has to perform)

Feeling: Like I just got punched in the cojones. Last night's game wasn't the death knell for Northwestern's NCAA Tournament chances, but, well, a win last night could have cemented them, and instead they're distinctly not cement. Northwestern could still make it in with good play in their final three games, and let's not forget that we literally haven't even contemplated beating Ohio State on senior night, which would end all the discussion. Last night wasn't the best night for NU's bubble chances - Kansas State's win over Missouri ensured they won't fall out, Seton Hall's blowout victory over Georgetown put them back in the tourney, and Colorado State's victory over New Mexico has them over .500 in a tough Mountain West conference with ranked opponents still on the schedule - but it's still doable. Doesn't take away the heartbreak, though.

Other bracketology updates: Joe Lunardi didn't bump Northwestern out of the tourney in his update after the loss last night - in fact, with NC State and Miami falling out of the bracket, Northwestern moved up a slot. Northwestern dropped a bit in Crashing the Dance's projections, but they still have NU comfortably in. Jerry Palm hasn't updated from last night, but he had NU in yesterday.