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Northwestern NCAA Tournament Bracketology Update, February 27, 2012


Every day, Sippin' on Purple will be taking an updated roundup and look at Northwestern's chances of making the NCAA Tournament. We promise not to jinx it.

Maybe we did jinx it.

Bracket Matrix: 11.8, 76 of 86 brackets (ever-so-slightly down from 11.7, ever-so-slightly up from 70 of 82 brackets [yes, they keep adding brackets during the build-up to the tournament, no idea how they do this])

Kenpom: 56 (even from 56 last Friday)

RPI: 48 (even from 48 last Friday)

Sagarin: 53 (up from 55 last Friday)

Big Ten standings: Seventh, first-round matchup with Minnesota (up from eighth Friday, same opponent in first round)

In or out, consensus: In. Slightly more than barely in.

Feeling: Queasy. Northwestern's one-point win at Penn State did nothing. It was a game NU couldn't lose, but the tight, referee-decided nature of the victory made it less fun, and the slim margin of error did almost nothing to boost any rankings. And although some teams wiped themselves out this weekend, the carnage was not nearly as complete as one might have hoped. Either way, the W was what it needed to be - a W - and the Cats' hopes remain alive.

Other bracketology news: Should be a lot of updated brackets from the big guys coming in today - I'll keep this post updated.


Chris Dobbertean of SB Nation and Joe Lunardi of ESPN each have brackets up: Dobbertean bumped Northwestern up from a last four in team to an 11 seed, while Lunardi apparently wasn't impressed with NU's 66-65 win - he has Northwestern as the last team in.