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Ken Pomeroy's prediction of my death looks more accurate than ever.

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You might remember last week when I showed you that Ken Pomeroy predicted my death, via saying that Northwestern's last few games would be overwhelmingly close but eventually end with a one-point loss to Iowa, which would effectively Northwestern's tourney hopes and cause me to instantly vaporize. Well, it's getting scarier.

I noted that Pomeroy predicted the final score of Saturday's affair at Penn State would be a 66-65 victory for Northwestern. I promptly forgot about this, until I was reminded by @codymdunlap and @GoU_NU on the twitters. Because sure enough, after all was said and done, and one silly foul happened on one end and an equally silly foul happened on the other, and John Shurna's free throws each tinkled twine, the final score of Northwestern's victory was 67-66.

That's right. He nailed the margin of victory, and was off by a grand total of one point - well, two, technically with regards to the final score. This comes one game after a predicted one-point loss turned into an OT loss, so, he missed the margin of victory by one point. So, to summarize, over the span of two games, he was off by one point on the margins of victory after 40 minutes of regulation.

Pomeroy's spot-on predictions make my imminent death seem more and more likely by the day. His numbers still see NU-Iowa as a one-point loss for Northwestern, which, of course, will kill me immediately dead.

I look forward to my last few days on this worldly plane. I've made peace with the fact that this isn't what Ken Pomeroy wants, merely what he knows will happen. On Wednesday, I will heckle Jared Sullinger with a zest for life that I didn't know I had. On Saturday, I will call my family and tell them I love them before flipping on the Big Ten Network.

And hey, on the plus side, I don't have to worry about getting a job after graduation!