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Northwestern NCAA Tournament Bracketology Update, February 28, 2012

Every day, Sippin' on Purple will be taking an updated roundup and look at Northwestern's chances of making the NCAA Tournament. We promise not to jinx it.

Maybe we did jinx it.

Hey all, my first of three posts on a bad day in a bad week for my sanity.

Bracket matrix: 11.7, 80 out of 89 brackets (up slightly from 11.7 yesterday, 76 of 86 yesterday ARE THEY REALLY ADDING BRACKETS EVERY DAY JESUS)

Kenpom: 56 (rockin steady)

RPI: 46 (up from 48 yesterday)

Sagarin: 53 (same as yesterday)

Big Ten standings: Seventh, first-round matchup with Minnesota (no games yesterday)

In or out, consensus: In. A little more than barely in.

Feeling: Same as yesterday. Virtually nothing happened yesterday, except for RPI boosting wins from our good friends at Baylor and Mississippi Valley State.

Bracketology roundup: I linked to Chris Dobbertean and Joe Lunardi's updates yesterday, but here they are again. Also updating yesterday were Ryan Fagan of the sporting news - who has NU as one of the non-play-in 12-seeds and Mike Huguenin of Yahoo!, who sees NU in the last four in.