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Northwestern basketball vs. Ohio State Buckeyes Game Thread

Northwestern plays Ohio State in a really important game tonight that I'm incredibly nervous about and my nerves are compounded because I can't abuse any mind-altering substances like alcohol tonight because I have to take an exam tomorrow well I could theoretically abuse alcohol but then I'd do poorly on my exam and have to abuse even more alcohol afterwards and it would be a vicious cycle and I'd probably end up on the street I'm going to wrap up this run-on sentence now.

Game's on BTN at 7:30 central time. Gus Johnson is on the call. It's also senior night for John Shurna, Luka Mirkovic, Davide Curletti and Nick Fruendt, which has been overshadowed by all the NCAA talk.

This is your place to talk about the game. Two rules: don't be a jackass and don't talk about illegal streams of the game that could get SB Nation sued.

Go Cats.