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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Illinois Fighting Illini Game Thread


After weeks of waiting, today is February 5, and the big game is here: Northwestern is playing Illinois in basketball. Surely, you're attending one of the countless Northwestern vs. Illinois parties people across the country are throwing - friends, beer, wings, chips and dip, and Northwestern vs. Illinois, a timeless combo - but if you're not, feel free to comment along in the thread. Sure, some people are just watching for the commercials that will be played during Northwestern vs. Illinois or the halftime show, but we the fans are here for the big game, Northwestern vs. Illinois. This one is for all the supers! Boy oh boy, I just can't believe it's here after the long wait. Millions upon millions will be watching and you can bet the buzz at the water cooler tomorrow will be about the game - actually, it might be about those commercials!

Neither team is ranked.