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Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Northwestern Wildcats, Game Thread

Sup y'all!

It's a must win! I don't have the heart to write any more than that right now so I won't!

Okay, I will. Bill Carmody is giving $1000 to the DM group that's bringing the most people to the game tonight. So if you're a Northwestern student and doing DM, DON'T GO TO THE GAME TONIGHT. I want my group to win and hate all of you and I want the money for myself my DM group so back off. (No word on whether when they say "Bill Carmody is giving $1000, they actually mean "Bill Carmody", but whatever, awesome gesture by whoever.

Did any of you guys know that Icehouse actually goes down somewhat smoothly when you refrigerate it? I'm finding that out for myself right now, in bulk. Well, I probably should stop talking. Anyway, if you have things to say about the basketballs, jumps and say things.