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Northwestern NCAA Tournament Bracketology Update, March 1.

Hate them.
Hate them.


Bracket matrix: 11.7. (same as yesterday.)

Kenpom: 52 (up from 56 yesterday)

RPI: 52 (down from 46 yesterday)

Sagarin: 51 (up from 53 yesterday)

Big Ten standings: Eighth (first-round matchup Illinois, one game behind Iowa with one game remaining)

In or out, consensus: Too close to call

Feeling: Possibly rational depression. We all acknowledged before the game that Northwestern didn't need to beat Ohio State, but that it would have been the best. However, when you come that close in that fashion, it's hard not to be heartbroken. That said, there are rational reasons to be beat up after what happened last night, because the bubble had some awful goings-on for Northwestern fans: South Florida, Colorado State, and Cincinnati each rattled off wins against ranked opponents, essentially ensuring their slots in the NCAA Tournament while Northwestern balked on its opportunity to do the same. You hate to rag on Northwestern for not beating an incredible Ohio State team, but when multiple teams in the same boat were able to do the same, it hurts.

Bracketology roundup: Joe Lunardi still has Northwestern in - as the last team - after the loss. Hard to imagine not a single team gets an upset in conference tourney play, but it seems like the Wildcats will have to count on that.