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Pre-Selection Saturday Thoughts

I have a lot of thoughts about Northwestern basketball.

It's the Saturday before Selection Sunday, and I don't think Northwestern will make the NCAA Tournament. There's a lot of basketball yet to be played, and most of the things that Northwestern wants to happen have been happening. I honestly think that had Northwestern beaten Minnesota - or Ohio State, Michigan twice, Purdue, Illinois, etc. - Northwestern would be in. It's that close.

That said, roughly one in every three bracketologists thinks Northwestern is in right now. They have reason: the bubble is extremely soft. It seems like there's a philosophical divide - as much as there can be a philosophical divide when it comes to selecting a bracket - between people who think Northwestern's lack of bad losses should qualify them and people who think Northwestern shouldn't be near the tourney due to their lack of quality wins. Some people have Northwestern eight or nine teams away from making the tournament, some have Northwestern in. As fans, we have to pray that in Indianapolis, the people talking are the ones of the first viewpoint, but I don't think it's particularly likely. I'd give Northwestern a 25 percent-ish chance of making the tourney for the first time. Whatever happens there will be justifications for Northwestern not making it and justifications for Northwestern making it, and although it's cliche, if it doesn't happen, I will write every reason I think Northwestern is better than the last few teams selected.

That said, I intend on watching the Selection Show for the first time ever tomorrow. We've earned that. There'll be an open thread, and we'll see how it goes. It will probably go poorly, and it will probably quickly turn into an NIT selection open thread.

I'm trying not to be too optimistic, but I know that the worst is past. I won't feel as bad as I did after that Minnesota loss for a long time, regardless of what happens tomorrow. So let's hope for the best, guys. Clear eyes, full hearts... ehh, we'll deal with that later.