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It's Selection Sunday, Northwestern Fans.


Rise and shine, y'all.

Today is either the most fun day in Northwestern basketball history to date or just an average day where we find out that Northwestern is going to have a high seed in the NIT. The latter is significantly more likely, but, well, anything is possible. We'll know for sure in a little over 12 hours - since the NCAA is pretty good about this, I don't think news will slip beforehand, although we do know for sure that the Selection Committee has already selected the 37 at-large teams and that they're just waiting on final results to slot everybody into place. If there's anything to make of it, the official Northwestern mouthpieces have gone awfully quiet after spending a long time touting all the reasons Northwestern should make the NCAA Tournament.

Let's fire up this thing one more time for good times' sake, yes?

Bracket matrix: 4 of 37 brackets (they weeded through a lot, and the "12.5" seed Northwestern has is on account of Northwestern receiving two votes as a 12 seed and two as a 13, so, doesn't mean much.)

Kenpom: 58

RPI: 65

Sagarin: 55

In or out, consensus: Out

Feeling: Just get it over with. When you take a step back, it's great that we're finally getting a chance to be worried about this stuff on Selection Sunday, but it seems inevitable Northwestern doesn't make it and we go back to square one. I'm ready to shift into "let's win the NIT" mode.

Bracketology roundup: Northwestern's last prophet is Jerry Palm, who has NU as the third-to-last team in - the rest have seen Northwestern slip out of the tourney, many out of the first four out, and some not even within the next eight. In John Gasaway's "guide to Selection Sunday", he didn't even list Northwestern as one of the teams fans should potentially think about after he saw the inner workings of the selection committee last month. NITology has Northwestern as a two-seed in their projections.