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Northwestern NCAA Selection Show Open Thread

Hey, y'all.

On this day we become legendary, but, most likely we don't.

I've spent the afternoon drinking very nice beer on my friend's roof while studying philosophy and enjoying the nice weather, and not caring about a thing. I'm at peace with the world, and the fact that Northwestern won't make the NCAA Tournament, and the fact that St. Bonaventure's is the worst school in the world and I hate everybody there. We ran out, so I had to buy another twelver - Great Lakes Tasting Pack, for you nerds out there - and I'm ready to watch Northwestern's tourney fate either become real, or, you know, not.

Talk here. Whatever happens, we're here, and we're here updating the site, and most importantly, we're here to be emo when emo needs to be here and we're ecstatic in the slim chance that needs to be here. But if you're watching, tag along - this most likely will be boring, but could be magical.