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Northwestern Wildcats a 4-seed in 2012 NIT vs. Akron Zips



So, Northwestern is apparently between the 13th and 16th teams not in the NCAA Tournament, which is pretty absurd, to be honest. I know Northwestern didn't belong in the bracket, but, well, that just doesn't make sense. I haven't seen the final NIT bracket, but can pretty confidently say that Northwestern will be better than a lot of the teams higher than them. Northwestern belonged in the first four slots out of the tournament and wasn't significantly worse than many of the teams that made the tourney. In fact, you could argue Northwestern is better. But here we are.

It's a bummer because it means NU only gets one NIT home game, which will be Tuesday. Of course, Akron is also a pretty good team that deserves to be ranked much higher, but that's neither here nor there. Let's hope the Cats win and keep going to prove they belonged in the real bracket.

Go Cats-ish.