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2012 NIT: Akron Zips vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread


It's time for what will likely be the farewell to Welsh-Ryan Arena for John Shurna, and, aww, well, that's kind of sad. Northwestern takes on the Akron Zips - I see what you did there, with the A to Z thing - and we plan on taking those pouch-having marsupial bastards for everything they're worth. (That came out a bit harsh.) Anyway, I'll be there with a giant John Shurna head, but if you're not, well, first of all, I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you, second of all, the game is on ESPN2 for all of your watching pleasure. (Sure, there's, like, NCAA games on, but, well, what is that I haven't even heard of it what are you talking about please be quiet and never talk again.)

So, yeah, here's the game thread, and go Cats!