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2012 NIT: Northwestern Wildcats vs. Washington Huskies

My video from earlier never uploaded. But regardless! THIS! is the NIT!

That's right, the premier Friday Night at 10 p.m. Eastern sporting event for people who don't have CBS, TNT, TBS, or truTV! (Actually, I think there might be some of the last one.)

Anyway, if you've gotten over the whole Norfolk State thing, here's less important basketball. I mean, it's important for Northwestern, who has a chance to make it to the quarterfinals of the NIT for the second time in school history the past two years and exorcise the demons of playing last year in Washington State, where, you know, they lost in overtime and whatnot. Hopefully the Northwestern fans in the building can be louder than the presumably-on-spring-break Washington students.

So, you know, go Cats. Northwestern is the underdog - f'real, 5.5 points, Vegas? - but hopefully they can go on the road for the second straight year and beat the No. 1 team in their bracket. Comment along if you're watching.