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SoP Moving Pictures Thoughts on NU-Washington

Yeah, we don't want to think about it, but I made this video! I also made a preview video, but it takes a really, really long time to upload things to Youtube - remind me to film things more ahead of time. (Well, don't actually, but, you know, do:)

Enjoy my green-ish attire that I wore because I filmed this on St. Patrick's Day.

I feel it's important to point out how out of the ordinary that result was. I meant to mention it in the video, but Northwestern dropped 14 spots in Kenpom rankings. When Kenpom has input thousands of games, including 32 for the team in question, and a single game results in a 14-spot drop, well, that kind of means something.

We'll discuss Carmody later, but for now, enjoy the video, and comment and subscribe and like it, because apparently that's what you do on Youtube. (I had no idea).