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Let's Try this Again: Should Northwestern Fire Bill Carmody?

So, yesterday, I posted a poll on the site, and despite negative sentiment and a very negative poll over on Lake The Posts, of the 207 voters so far, 121 have chimed in pro-Carmody. Some of you in the comments thought perhaps this was because of the dumb wording of my question: although the topic of the post was "Should Northwestern Fire Bill Carmody", the poll question was "Should Bill Carmody coach Northwestern next year" and several of you said you didn't notice the difference. My bad on that one.

Anyway, not to demand a recount, but many of you questioned the results, so, I demand a recount! So, if that's how you feel, you'll probably vote that way again. So here's the question, again, except this time, worded the same as the wording in the title: Should Northwestern fire Bill Carmody? (Again, sorry for being an idiot, and you know, Go Cats and stuff.) Vote again