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Stuff about Bill Carmody and Northwestern basketball


So, I wasn't able to get on the conference call with Jim Phillips and Bill Carmody. But from what I'm seeing being reported by various media outlets and on Twitterverse, here are some nuggets.

Probably the biggest thing to come out of the call is that all the previously published information on Carmody's contract being up in 2013 is inaccurate. Phillips and Carmody both wouldn't divulge any of the details of the contract (years, salary, bonuses, option years, etc.), but they said that he has more than a year left.

Tavaras Hardy, who recently interviewed for the Southern Illinois head coach opening, absolutely will be on the NU bench next year on Carmody's staff. Carmody said so.

On the facilities upgrades, Phillips said he hopes to be able to announce something this summer or fall. But look for President Morty Shapiro and the Board of Trustees to take the lead on this stuff, as it'll be part of a university-wide facilities plan.

Carmody also said, and Phillips backed him up, that there's reason for optimism next year. The depth will be improved, there'll be more size on the roster, and Carmody also hyped up Cerina as the most athletic player on the team. Make of that what you will.