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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Iowa Hawkeyes Game Thread

Well, here goes.

Northwestern needs to beat Iowa to make the NCAA Tournament. That is not the only thing it needs to do to make the NCAA Tournament, but it is one of the things it needs to do. And it will be difficult, and it will wrench all of our hearts.

Hopefully, Ken Pomeroy was inaccurate in his prediction that I will die today. Life is great. But we don't choose our own paths in life, and good things happen to bad people. I've come to terms with this. Ken Pomeroy's will shall be served, one way or another, and we are all foolish to believe that we have the capability to mettle with it.

As a fanbase, we want this more than anything. Hopefully, the collective willpower of our yearning in the comments section - hey, this is where you comment! - can will Northwestern on to victory.

Go Cats, y'all.