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John Shurna, Your 2012 College 3-Point Shootout Champion


Despite Northwestern not making the NCAA Tournament, John Shurna has had quite a year: he set Northwestern's career record in points scored, blocks, earned first team all-Big Ten honors, honorable mention all-American honors, and tonight, brought home the College 3-Point Championship in the pre-Final Four festivities.

Shurna was hot from the start and kept getting hotter round-by-round. It looked like he might have trouble bringing home the W after Juan Fernandez from Temple put up 20 in the final round, but Shurna hit nine of his ten last shots including every shot on the final rack, pulling ahead on the money ball to bring home the W. Shurna then had to beat the winner of the women's competition, but he dropped a preposterous 24 to get that title as well.

So, congrats to John Shurna on being awesome and for once in Northwestern basketball history, ending the season as a champion.

Shurna will compete tomorrow in the Reese's College All-Star Game, but well, Shurna won! Shurna pride! Go Cats and all!