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John Shurna, First-Team All-Big Ten

Not much of a surprise here, but still good to see John Shurna get the recognition he deserved: the dude from Glen Ellyn is first team all-conference, Northwestern's first selection since Jitim Young in 2004.

Shurna had an awesome year: he led the conference in scoring with 19.8 points, broke Northwestern's all-time scoring record, and a bunch of other good stuff too. Northwestern wasn't good enough for him to be the player of the year in the conference, but Shurna was a lock for the all-Conference team. Looking back on the beginning of the year, we expected this, but it's still kind of awesome to see it actually pan out.

Other Northwestern accolades included Drew Crawford getting third team honors and Dave Sobolewski getting the nod on the all-Freshman team, both of which seem pretty well deserved. Congrats to the whole bunch, let's hope they play like they deserved the nods on Thursday.