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Northwestern NCAA Tournament Bubble Rooting Interests: 3/7/2012

With Northwestern sitting squarely on the NCAA tournament bubble, it's time for a new daily feature, in which I take a look at every game relevant to Northwestern's NCAA chances and tell you whom you should be rooting for.

Surprisingly few relevant games today; in fact it's nothing but Big East tournament second round games. I blame the Pac-12 for being terrible.

Connecticut Huskies vs. West Virginia Mountaineers (+2.5), 11 AM central, ESPN

Team to root for: ?

I could probably not even bother including this game, as both teams appear comfortably in by an equal margin. The good news is someone has to lose and possibly fall closer to the cut line.

Seton Hall Pirates vs. Louisville Cardinals (-4), 6 central, ESPN

Team to root for: Seton Hall, reluctantly

A Seton Hall win tonight moves them permanently into the RPI top 50, and NU desperately needs another top 50 win. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

Villanova Wildcats vs. South Florida Bulls (-2.5), 8 central, ESPN

Team to root for: Villanova

South Florida needs this one about as much as Northwestern needs to win tomorrow against Minnesota.