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Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread


It's time for the biggest game in Northwestern history. Yes, the fifth in a row. Northwestern absolutely requires a win in its first round Big Ten Tournament game to qualify for the NCAA Tournament. As noted a trillion times, it doesn't necessarily qualify if it wins, but it certainly won't if it loses.

I'm on the road to Indy for free with a bunch of other Northwestern students. I have a backpack fulla booze - STOP ME: I'M 21 YEARS OLD, AND I'LL BE DAMNED IF YOU KICK ME OFF THIS BUS IN THE MIDDLE OF INDIANA - and a giant John Shurna head. There's no way this ends poorly. (Note: there are many, many ways this ends poorly.) But most importantly, my eyes are unbelievably clear, and my heart is the fullest it's ever been, and if I've been told correctly, this means I cannot lose. If you're not on the way to Indy, well, here's your game thread.

Go Cats.