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Northwestern Could Still Make the NCAA Tournament

It's un-bloody-likely, but Northwestern still has a slim chance to dance.

A day after a loss I thought wrecked Northwestern's season, several bracketologists - including Jerry Palm - still have the Wildcats making the NCAA Tournament.

I'm not going to get caught up on it, because, well, you know how I feel, but we should still be watching on Selection Sunday. Just in case Northwestern backs in. Most likely, the Wildcats will be a one-seed in the NIT and John Shurna will get a few more home games, but there's still a slim chance that Northwestern goes dancing.

This should encourage us, but instead it just hurts: thinking about Northwestern almost going dancing with a loss yesterday makes me realize that with a win yesterday - or against Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan twice, or Illinois - Northwestern is in. It could still happen, and we'll be the happiest people in the world if it does, but, dammit.