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Northwestern football spring game stuff! Yeah!

I'm sitting in the press box at Ryan Field, and, well, you can literally feel the excitement. *I actually don't see a single fan in the entire stadium, but to be fair I'm sitting on the side facing nothing - wait, when I stand up and look at this side, there are fans). Either you're here - wait, well, there, well, you're not here, I can see you and you're not here - but you can watch the game online, where it will be called by Jacob Schmidt - Jacob Schmidt!. That said, I don't feel like tracking down the link, so deal with it.

If you're watching and paying attention, watch and pay attention! It should be Kyle Prater-y and stuff. They're wearing last year's game jerseys, so I actually have no idea whether or not Prater will come out in Mike Bolden's jersey or something. I'm watching long-snapping and Jeff Budzien hitting 55 yarders right now, and, well, it's thrilling. Comment along!