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Four-Star QB Matt Alviti (Maine South) Commits to Northwestern

Big news on the heels of the spring game - Northwestern has its first recruit of the Class of 2013, Matt Alviti, a highly-touted dual-threat QB from nearby Maine South. Chris Emma broke the news, but people had been expecting this to happen today, apparently.

As I understand it, Alviti was between Northwestern, Notre Dame, and Michigan State, but lost interest in Notre Dame when they brought in a different QB. So the junior - who led his school to state titles as a freshman and sophomore - picked NU. He's an ESPNU 150 guy and four stars according to pretty much every recruiting service, so, there's your QB of the future. Alviti has had a scholarship offer from Northwestern since 2010 - 2010! - so this is the result of a long, focused recruitment that ended up paying off. Northwestern's hasn't really ever had top-notch quarterback recruits - Dan Persa and Mike Kafka were both three-star guys - but has had great QB play, so it's nice to think about what could be with a talent like Alviti.