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Northwestern NFL Draft Miscellany: Al Netter to San Francisco, Dan Persa Unsigned at Tampa Bay

Yesterday we had the awesome news that Drake Dunsmore and Jeremy Ebert both got selected in the NFL Draft, going to Tampa Bay and New England respectively. That's still dope! But there's lots of other Northwestern players who graduated - what of them?

The bad news is, well, for the most part, not much. However, we do have news on two former Northwestern guys: Al Netter has officially signed with his hometown squad, the San Francisco 49ers. The Niners have 11 other linemen on roster, so, it'll be a battle for him.

And as for the persa person most of you are probably interested in, Dan Persa, well, he isn't on a roster, but he has earned an invite to a mini-camp with the Bucs, where he'll hopefully be able to continue his rapport with Dunsmore. It'll be a long shot for him to make the roster, but we all know Persa's talented.

They might have only been seventh-rounders, but I'm excited for Ebert and Dunsmore. For four years, we saw how physically talented they are. Both guys found good homes: the Patriots are noteworthy for turning late-round, undrafted guys and making them fit with the system - between Wes Welker and Julian Edelman, the Pats have two contributors, one an undrafted Pro Bowler and one a seventh-round college quarterback who is a solid player for them. (And yes, Tommy from Quinzee will be pleased.) And Dunsmore will join a team that knows how to use tight ends, plus potential Persa power.

Now we just need you to call all your friends who are NBA GM's and tell them that Jordan Mabin and them are lonely.