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Spring Stuff

Hey yall!

It's spring! That means Evanston is warm and flowery and the grass is filled with rabbits and soon to be filled with adorable baby rabbits. However, it also means there's no revenue sports :(:(:(:(.

That said, I still have this internet website. I'm a senior. I have funny classes - Astrobiology and Marriage 101, Building Loving and Lasting Relationships, y'all! - I have no real idea what I'm doing in June and nothing but a sick new part-time job writing for - my first shift is Friday, errbody! Anyway, I have this website and I'm not fully sure how to use it. Most likely I will just end up posting whatever I want and Loretta will turn it into a Game of Thrones podcast zone.

However, here's what else to look for:

1. We brought in Cody Stanley, former Northwestern soccer defender and captain, to write about other sports, mainly soccer. If you missed his first post - it was on the front page for like 32 days because I didn't write anything - here it is, it's about Northwestern's spring soccer season. I covered Cody and the men's soccer team as a sophomore, and the tables have turned. Deal with it. I look forward to his insight on stuff with his unique perspective and whatnot.

2. Herman will continue to have his excellent analysis of non-revenue sports.

3. I will pretend to know about the sports that Herman actually knows about. Look forward to a series I'm planning called "Rodger drinks and describes what he thinks is going on in a women's lacrosse game".

4. Spring football! \m/ It's happening. We'll write about it, and we'll write about what it means for, you know, not spring football. Please, purple team fans, refrain from offensive remarks when discussing your spring scrimmage team's bitter rivals, the white team.

5. Videos! I have a camera and will be doing dumb stuff with it.

6. Miscellany: these are the ones you should read if you like it when I write, or when I talk about rap, or when Loretta talks about Game of Thrones.

So my point is: Anything you guys wanna read and stuff?