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Thursday Sips, Featuring Meyers 'n' Jared Goin' Draftin', and WTF?

This guy went to Northwestern! I basically just wanted to use a golf photo.
This guy went to Northwestern! I basically just wanted to use a golf photo.

Hey all! Been a while since I've done these babies, and since a lot of stuff happens but none of it is really good enough for whole posts, these! It's like I'm a real blogger!

  • Meyers Leonard and Jared Sullinger are both declaring for the NBA Draft as sophomores. And just like that, a million decibels of whining were silenced, in a moment. We will not miss them. Surely, NBA referees will listen to Jared Sullinger's complaints and Meyers Leonard will fascinate NBA scribes with his tales of how his team is better than the one they just lost to. Those guys were jerks and I look fondly on their departure.
  • The Big Ten had some proposal for a college playoff system. It makes a grand total of zero senses. Here is a plan I made up that makes more sense: The top four teams play in a system typically known as the plus-one system. However, we poll a bunch of old people to make sure that they agree with what we're doing and make sure that we're upholding traditions, and if not, we scrap the college football playoff and watch Nick at Night and talk about how hippity-hoppity music is bad.
  • Luke Donald is playing in the Masters! The Masters is like the most important thing for stuck-up people, and a lot of those go to Northwestern, as did Luke Donald, although he isn't stuck-up, just good at golf. In other news, nobody will tell me how much it costs to play on the crappy muni course in Evanston that I really want to get drunk and play on before I graduate.