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Sippin' On Purple Podcast: Game of Thrones Edition


The podcast makes its triumphant return, but rather than discussing depressing topics like Northwestern revenue sports, we're talking Game of Thrones, both the HBO television show and the book series officially known as A Song of Ice and Fire . At least, pfoley and I are talking; Rodger wants nothing to do with any Game of Thrones talk and has threatened to ban me. You know nothing, Rodger.

To appeal to all audiences, the first 26 minutes of the podcast discusses the Season 2 premiere of the television show with no spoilers. We discuss many topics, including:

- why Joffrey Baratheon has become a cartoonishly cliche villian

- what Littlefinger was thinking when he subtly threatened Cersei Lannister

- why Daenerys Targaryen needs her dragons to get bigger quickly

- what was the deal with the Maester's plan to poison Melisandre? That had no prayer of working.

and many more

Click here to access the podcast.

I have attempted many times to upload the podcast onto here but it isn't working. So follow that link to where it's hosted on pfoley's website. You can either listen to it there, or copy/paste that link into iTunes and automatically subscribe: just open ITunes and copy/paste that link into Advanced ---> Subscribe to podcast... on the main screen.

Again, the first 26 minutes of the podcast are about the TV show only. After that, we get into massive spoilers, that I'll get into after If you don't want spoilers, DON'T LISTEN PAST 26:00 AND DONT READ ANYTHING AFTER THE JUMP OR ANY COMMENTS.



In the second part of the podcast, we mostly discuss Book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire, A Dance With Dragons, including:

- Why the series has gone downhill since the brilliant second half of Book 3.

- The exact moment that Martin jumped the shark (coughcough Zombie Catelyn Stark coughcough).

- Martin's bizarre perversions, including wholly unnecessary sex scenes and out of nowhere lesbianism.

- The horrifically brilliant Reek/Theon Greyjoy plotline. Why is Roose Bolton legitimizing his crazy bastard son Ramsay Bolton?

- Is Young Griff really Aegon Targaryen, or a mummer's dragon?

- Is Jon Snow really dead? (LOL no). How many times can he imply someone's dead only to later reveal they're alive?

- What is Littlefinger's endgame? He has caused so much of the chaos, but his motives are unclear.

- Why Dany needs to hurry up and leave Meereen. Seriously, I've got your Reznak Mo Reznak right here, pal. We also theorize that Dany can now get pregnant, and speculate on potential fathers and how she will return to Westeros.

- How R'hllor managed to become the most dominant deity.

- Why Victarion is criminally underused by Martin.

- and predictions on what will happen in the final two books, and when the sixth book will be released.

So grab some ale and a bowl o' brown and listen to this Gregor-sized monstrosity of a Game of Thrones podcast.