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Northwestern Women's Basketball: Morgan Jones to Transfer

This is Herman's cup of tea, and he'll have more analysis later, but bad news for the women's Cats as one of the more highly touted players in program history, freshman Morgan Jones, will be leaving the school after her only season, news broken by Chris Emma of Scout.

Jones started 29 of 30 games, was second on the team in scoring, rebounds, and assists with 13.9, 6.0, and 3.3, respectively. She was an all-American in high school and hasn't made it clear where she'll be transferring to. She leaves alongside her sister, senior Tailor Jones, who also only played one season at Northwestern after transferring from Florida. Tailor decided to forgo her senior season after taking a redshirt when transferring, so it wouldn't be surprising if they made the decision not to come back to Northwestern in tandem.

Jones was obviously a big get for a program that doesn't have loads of success historically, so, it's a bummer to see her decide Northwestern isn't the place for her, and especially weird of her leaving simultaneously with her sister. For a relatively high get, her only season at Northwestern wasn't too successful, ending at 14-16, so all that for naught.

Like I said, there's not much I can offer on the topic, but Herman will be around at some point to discuss more.