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Northwestern To Play Maryland In Big Ten/ACC Challenge

Little handsy there, Ty.
Little handsy there, Ty.

Basketball stuff! I like basketball!

The NU basketball season is, oh, um, like, 12 trillion years from now and I'll be graduated and we probably should all shoot ourselves instead of waiting, but if you don't want to do that and/or don't have access to any guns, crossbows, or laser tag devices (not recommended for suicide) guess what: we know one of our opponents! It's Maryland, in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. It's at home, so basically RPI :(.

Maryland! They're good! They have Steve Francis and Steve Blake and Greivis Vazquez and probably Sarunas Jasikevicius, whose name I can spell very easily, all of whom play 40 minutes per game.

Actually, Maryland sucked last year. Furthermore, their best player, Terrell Stoglin, won't be coming back after the team suspended him for a season, and he'lll be in the NBA. So, basically, the game is in seven months but it's probably already time for you to spend all your money betting on Northwestern.

In other news, I've decided there should be an event called the Big Ten/JCC Challenge where every team in the conference plays a local Jewish Community Center and doesn't relent for a second.