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One Less Day Til Football Season: #99, Chance Carter, DL

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Hey, all: every year before football season we do this thing where we count down all the days until it's football season. It's fun, because we like football. This year, I'm doing it a bit differently and stealing an idea lotsa other sites use. Erry day, we'll be profiling a different player (based on their uniform number) as we count down to Northwestern's season opener at Syracuse. According to Hail to Purple, we have 99 days until that happens, so... hey! We'll start with Chance Carter, because he's No. 99, and wind up in August with Bo Cisek.

No. 99, Chance Carter: Defensive Tackle, Evanston, Ill.

Who he be: Chance is a redshirt sophomore. He's that rarest of Northwestern players in that he actually comes from Northwestern's backyard - we're Evanston's Big Ten Team! - as he played at Loyola Academy. The 6-foot-3 lineman played defensive end in high school, earning offers from Nebraska and Indiana, but has bulked up - his Rivals page has him at 235 pounds, NUsports has him at 270 - and now plays inside.

Hey Mr. Carter, tell me where have you been?: Chance got his first... wait for it... OPPORTUNITY to play last season as a redshirt freshman, seeing playing time as a backup defensive tackle in nine games and recording two assisted tackles.

Good Chances: Frank Chance, turn-of-the-century Cubs first baseman and manager

Britton Chance, professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and 1952 Gold Medal winner in sailing

Chance Myers, MLS soccer player

Chance Vought, aviation pioneer

(For the record, Chance's full name is "Chancellor", so if in the middle of a play he unifies Germany, don't be too surprised.) (More for the record, since he's No. 99, he's the Last Chance, right?)

No. 99's that Chance Carter is not: Corey Wootton, who is now wrecking careers at the professional level with the Chicago Bears.

What can he do this year?: It definitely looks like Chance will have the... um... uh... occasion? anyway, whatever, to play a lot next year. The mix at defensive tackle looks like it will feature Carter alongside Brian Arnfelt and Will Hampton in the wake of Jack DiNardo's graduation. Carter got a pretty significant amount of reps with the ones and spring ball and we can presume that will carry over into the season, perhaps even a starting gig. "Athleticism" typically isn't something you need out of your DT - you tend to think more of strength, tackling ability, and general beastliness - but Carter seems the most athletic out of that group. It seems like he's added the size to compete at the spot.