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One Less Day Til Football Season: #98, Will Hampton, DL

The most fun part of this is picking the random photos.
The most fun part of this is picking the random photos.

Today is my last day of class, presumably ever, considering I don't ever intend on going to grad school. So, obviously, I'm getting really drunk and skipping them. That's par for the course, right?

Anyway, tonight is the women's lax final four, and I assume Herman has something good cooked up with regards to that, but if not, go Cats, and I'm about to head out to the Lincoln Park Zoo and if I see any terrapins I'll kill them.

No. 98, Will Hampton, Defensive Tackle, Houston, Texas

Who he be: Will, our second DT in two days of doing this, is a true junior defensive tackle hailing from H-Town. The 6-foot-3 defensive lineman had an awful lot of offers coming out of Cy-Creek high school - Nebraska, Stanford, Iowa State, Baylor - but chose Northwestern.

What's he done thus far?: Hampton burned his redshirt when Northwestern was a bit short on defensive tackles in 2010, which seemed a bit unnecessary, as he didn't get that much PT as a true freshman and only recorded a single tackle on the year. As a sophomore, he got into the action a lot more, earning a start and recording 15 tackles.

Song I feel like posting: (A new feature: any song that I feel like posting, hopefully somewhat reminiscent of the player.)

Still Tippin', Mike Jones (Team Teamwork Remix: Will is from Houston, and "Still Tippin" is one of my all-time favorite rap songs. However, since y'all are nerds, this is a version from a mixtape of rap songs mashed with beats from The Ocarina of Time. It still includes Slim Thug's absolutely spectacular verse and Mike Jones saying his name, although he never yells his phone number, and also, to be honest, the beat is really great even if it is from a video game. Sadly, it doesn't include Paul Wall's verse, wherein he says that people's feelings get hurt when they find out what he's worth.

Will Hampton Inn give me a free night for mentioning them in this post?: No.

Will Hampton University make the NCAA Tournament next year?: The MEAC is pretty weak, but, probably not.

Will Hampton Hughes start for Boston College next season?: No, he quit the team.

No. 98's that Will is not: Corbin Bryant. Although the two do play the same position (DT), they are not the same person.

What can Will do this year?: With his experience, it would be hard to imagine that Hampton doesn't pick up a starting spot at defensive tackle. That spot has been really, really weak in recent years - even with Bryant - and hasn't really been able to stop the run. Hampton hasn't shown himself as dominant, but there's no reason to believe he can't be a contributing factor in Northwestern's run defense. The coaching staff saw the talent in Hampton as a true freshman at a position that doesn't typically cater to true freshman, strength-wise, and we still haven't seen why. Let's hope that happens this year.