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One Less Day Til Football Season: #97, Tyler Scott

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Pre-written so I can dillo. Presumably, I am a drunken fool right now. Excited as all get out for Big Boi and to hear Steve Aoki make bleeps and bloops.

No. 97, Tyler Scott, Defensive End, Warren, Ohio

Who he be: Tyler was a two-star outside linebacker in high school, but upon coming to Northwestern, was converted to defensive end. He's been quite a good player there, definitely one of the most effective players on Northwestern's defense last season. He played in all 13 games as a redshirt freshman and injuries hampered him a bit last year as a sophomore, but he was definitely a big contributor coming off the outside.

Song I feel like posting: "Yonkers", Tyler the Creator: Tyler doesn't really have an opportunity to create much as a defensive end, but if he did, I'm sure he'd form a modestly-talented straight edge hip-hop collective that brags about how much weed they smoke and how much they like raping women and killing gay dudes and being generally offensive.

Other footballing Tylers Scott: Two wide receivers, one for UCLA and one for the Edmonton Eskimos.

What can Tyler do this year?: Quite a bit. Tyler is the presumptive starter at one defensive end spot, and deservedly so. However, just because he played well last year doesn't mean we shouldn't expect improvement. Think about Vince Browne: he looked extremely promising as a freshman and sophomore, and proceeded to more or less fail as a senior, to the point where a sure NFL prospect wasn't even talked about in the buildup to the draft. Scott - with no monster coming off the other side - will have to continue producing. Northwestern will need to pressure the QB from the end spot, and Scott needs to keep up the good work if Northwestern is going to have an effective defense. I don't expect him to play as effectively as Corey Wootton or a younger Browne, but at the very least he has to keep improving after last season's good play.