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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Syracuse Orange NCAA Women's Lacrosse Championship Game Thread


It's almost game time in Stony Brook with a national championship on the line. Northwestern is good at women's lacrosse, so let's see if they can win a seventh - is it seven, I've really lost track at this point in time, j/k I know it's seven national championship. One for the opposing middle finger?

The game'll be on ESPNU, so if you're watching, so am I, and I know less about the sport than you, so let's pretend we know what we're talking about together! That's why I made this here game thread.

The odds really look to be in Northwestern's favor after Syracuse beat Florida, but, hey, if Florida is good enough to beat Northwestern and Syracuse beat Florida, transitive property, amirite?

Orange is a really ugly color and to be honest kind of a gross fruit. Screw orange. Orange is the worst. So is Syracuse.

Go Cats n stuff.