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One Less Day Til Football Season, #95, Davon Custis

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Wooo! Women's lax! I don't feel like taking away from that, but I have to for the sake of this thing. Also, happy Memorial Day!

No. 95, Davon Custis, Defensive End, Gahanna, Ohio

Who he be: Davon is a redshirt junior defensive end from Gahanna, Ohio. Out of high school at DeSales, he was pretty highly touted recruit, getting offers from schools like Notre Dame, Stanford, and Wisconsin. At NU, the 6-foot-5, 255-pounder hasn't had an immediate impact, only appearing in three games over his two years of actual playing time.

Random song I feel like posting:

"Keep Fishin'", Weezer: My first foray into the realm of songs I just kinda want to listen to instead of songs randomly linked to puns on the players' names.

People named Davon and people named Custis: Davon House, Green Bay Packers cornerback, and Davon Drew, Baltimore Ravens tight end vs. Martha Custis Washington.

Tidbits from Davon's player profile page: He's a philosophy major? That sounds awful.

Looking forward: Davon might not start - Tyler Scott and Quentin Williams probably have that locked down - but Custis seems like a player guaranteed to contribute down the line. He's 6-foot-5 and has the athleticism to compete at a Big Ten level. I'm high on Custis and think that he'll be a good player for NU this season and next.