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One Less Day Til Football, Rain Check Edition: #98, Deonte Gibson, DE

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Remember a few days ago when I did No. 98, Will Hampton, and it turns out he's No. 92 and I'm dumb? Well, nobody wears No. 94 for Northwestern, so we're doing Deonte Gibson today, and deal with it.

No. 98, Deonte Gibson, Defensive End, Lakewood, Ohio

Who he be: Deonte is a freshman defensive end who redshirted last season. Coming out of St. Edward high school, he had three stars and was recruited by some big programs like Stanford and West Virginia and some less big programs like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Stanford.

Random song for the day: "Since I've Been Loving You", Led Zeppelin: My cherry-red sunburst Les Paul is an Epiphone. The one Jimmy Page completely and violently dominates here is a Gibson.

A video by a singer named Deonte:

Enjoy the really elaborate heist set-up for the video which has nothing to do with the rest of the video or the subject matter.

All told, he's not a bad singer. But I have several problems with the chorus,"I can picture us where the weather never rains and where the sun stays up all day". A) Weather doesn't rain. Rain is weather. Rainy is a type of weather. B) Where are you taking me where the sun stays up all day? The Arctic Circle in summertime? Lapland? Svalbard?

Looking forward: Deonte has a lot of upside. (Both the singer and the football player.) HE's got a lot of players ahead of him on the depth chart - Tyler Scott, Quentin Williams, Davon Custis - but I can see him breaking through to the rotation in the next few seasons and being a big player as a junior or senior.