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One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 87, Brian Smith

Same name, different guy.
Same name, different guy.

Sorry for taking a few days off - I'm pre-writing all the stuff for now until graduation now, so no need to fret. There's less than 87 days to go, but we got some catch-up to do.

I'd like to take a moment to thank the anonymous reader who bought me a gift certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings, which I used this weekend. However, I will lament that he mentioned he would have rather purchased a keg, but didn't know where to send it to. No! IF ANYBODY ELSE WANTS TO BUY ME A KEG, JUST TELL ME AND I WILL GLADLY TELL YOU ALL OF MY CONTACT INFORMATION ASAP. (But seriously, thanks, anonny.)

No. 87, Brian Smith, Superback, Medina, Ohio

Who he be: Brian used to be an offensive guard coming out of Walsh Jesuit High School, but switched to NU's superback role after his redshirt freshman year. He appeared in four games last year, but didn't record any stats. He's pretty damn huge, at 6-foot-7 and 285. He's now a redshirt junior.

How many Brian Smiths are on the Wikipedia page for "Brian Smith (Disambiguation)": 25, including two football players, not including Bryan Smiths and Brian Smyths.

So it's probably kinda hard to find out information about Northwestern's Brian Smith via Google, huh?: Harder than me trying to park a Dodge, when I'm drunk as freak, right next to a humongous truck in a two-car garage, hopping out with two broken legs trying to walk it off.

Video of a similarly named former NU safety returning a game-winning Pick 6 against Minnesota, just cuz:

I still wanna yell GET DOWN! GET DOWN! at him, but he always makes it into the end zone. They really should teach offensive players how to tackle and stuff.

Looking forward: Northwestern is pretty damn near empty at the superback position right now, with Smith somehow managing to be the oldest superback and one of the most experienced. His hands are questionable as a converted offensive lineman, but his size is undeniable, so there's no way he won't be an effective contributor in goal-line type plays. He probably isn't fast enough to be the Drake Dunsmore-model superback, but he should definitely get some field time this season in some role when NU needs a few yards.